Where do you get all of the shells?

Stu collects each and every one of the shells he uses by hand on the beaches of Chatham. Every once in a while a local fisherman will supply him with shells they find in fishing gear.

Can I move the table without ruining the design?

Yes, the shells are all permanently in place. You can tip the table upside down and the shells or sand won’t budge. The glass will though! So be sure to remove the glass if you need to turn the table upside down for any reason.

Is the glass safe?

Yes, all of our tables use tempered glass, which is required by law.

Can you make a table with the shells I’ve been collecting?

Absolutely. If you’d like to create a custom table with your own special shells, Stu can use whatever shells you wish to provide for the design. You can create a table with as few or as many of your personal shells as you like.

I have a coffee table I already love. Can you add a Chatham Under Glass design to my table?

Definitely. If you have something you already love, a Chatham Under Glass design can enhance your table by adding another layer of uniqueness.

Can you make a dining table for 12?

We can work to design any size table you’d like.

I like some shells, but not all. Can I choose what shells to have in my design?

Yes. Each table is created to each customer’s design needs and wants. If you want a whole table full of horseshoe crabs, we can do it. If you’d prefer only Sand dollars and Mussels, that’s our pleasure.