Stu Tolley was a commercial fisherman in Chatham for 42 years.  He spent decades out on the Atlantic fishing for primarily cod, pollack, tuna and haddock.  Since retiring from fishing, his deep love and respect for nature has inspired him to “fish” the beaches of Cape Cod for shells and other washed-ashore bits of nature.  He now walks the shores of Chatham fishing the lands for “gifts from the sea” to use in Chatham Under Glass designs.

Stu comes from a long line of Cape Cod fishermen and Parisian artists.  His boat the Dawn T can be still be seen sailing in and out of the Chatham Harbor.

“If ever there was a shell seeker, I’m one of them. Since I was a young boy I’ve been drawn to collecting shells and working with wood. With Chatham under Glass I hope to provide a piece of art that brings families and friends together, and reminds them of a very special place, Chatham.”

Learn more about Stu and his journey as a fisherman by visiting the Heritage Gallery at Pilgrim’s Landing, in the same building as Chatham Under Glass.

Dawn T